Rental of machinery and equipment

UNIJABETON can offer the following machines and equipment for one-time or longer rental, with the included service of EXPERIENCED operators or drivers. Contact us with confidence and simplify the work of production and installation of concrete and related activities as much as possible.

Mobile concrete plant

  • Mobile concrete plant for production of heated and cooled concrete.
  • Possibility of placing on the location according to your needs.

Concrete pump 50 m

  • The largest and the only one concrete pump in Croatia with reach of 50 meters.
  • Suitable for the largest construction sites and the most demanding projects, with an experienced operator and the necessary equipment.

Concrete pump 42 m

  • Concrete pump with reach of 42 meters.
  • Suitable for larger construction sites and demanding projects, with an experienced operator.

Concrete pump 36 m

  • Concrete pump with reach of 36 meters (three pumps are available).
  • Suitable for most construction sites and demanding projects, with an experienced operator.

Concrete pump 16 m

  • The reach of the concrete pump is 16 meters. For special installations such as tunnels, for the installation of concrete on remote construction sites, in cooperation with a stationary concrete pump and pipeline up to 300 meters – marinas, bridges, building construction up to 130 meters.

PIPELINE up to 300 meters long

  • Pipeline for the installation of fresh concrete, up to 300 meters long, with a stationary concrete pump. Ideal for high buildings up to 130 meters, construction sites away from the place of arrival of the concrete mixer (eg marinas, bridges, etc.).

Working machines (loaders, excavators)

  • Several types of working machines, from loaders to excavators.

Concrete mixers 6 – 10 m³

  • We have a fleet of 30 concrete mixers, capacity of 6-10 m&sup3, with four and five axles./li>
  • We perform fast and quality delivery of fresh concrete from our plants in Zagreb, Varaždin, Koprivnica and Rijeka.

Trucks with semi-trailer or tank

  • We have seven trucks with semi-trailers for the transport of bulk cargo (stone aggregate, sand) and seven trucks with tanks for the transport of cement.

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